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Avokadio prevents type 2 diabetes  with personolized  nutrition plans and behavioral change supported by a patented breath analysis device reducing the healthcare costs for individuals, care providers and insurance companies.
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At Avokadio Science is the foundation of what we do

The result of our clinical trial showed that people using Avokadio device and follow the diet program has gained significant results only in 1 week.

Our Scientific Publication
The average body weight loss has been observed to be 5,2 lbs in 1 week.
The waist circumference mesurement of the user showed 2% reduction in 1 week.
The BMI index of users on average reduced 3%.
The body fat mass of the users have reduced 4% within 1 week.

No two people are alike, which is why Avokadio uses a personalized approach. By combining one-on-one diabetes self-management education and data based nutrition plan, we are focused on helping you:

How Do We Do This Together?
Control your weight and reduce the risk of diabetes through ongoing education and effortless meal planning.
Have a healthy metabolism by regulating your nutrition and living habits.
Improve your blood sugar levels in the short and long term, lower your H1AC value.

Join the program

Receive your breath analysis device and start tracking your metabolism.

Human Touch

Avokadio program is a combination of AI and human coaching based on insight data.

A holistic platform

We provide the most accurate nutritional recommendations for you by constantly training our Artificial Intelligence algorithm based on your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Avokadio program treat diabetes?
No. The Avokadio program does not provide medical diagnosis or treatment. Diabetes treatment processes should be carried out under the control of a specialist physician.
What does the Avokadio program provide?
With its healthy nutrition and behavior change program, Avokadio enables its users to have a healthy metabolism through weight control and reduces the risk of diabetes.
What does Avokadio device do?
The patented Avokadio device mesures ketones and ammonia in breath to track instant carbohydrate and protein metabolism. This data is used to train our AI algorith to provide accurate nutrition recommendation for sustainable results.
What does Avokadio membership include?
Avokadio membership includes an AI backed personalized nutrition program, a breath analysis device, asking questions to an expert dietitian, and receiving one-on-one support and training.
Is Avokadio subscription monthly?
You can get Avokadio subscription on a recurring monthly or annual basis. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can return it within 3 days.
Can pregnant women participate in the program?
Pregnant and breastfeeding women may have special nutritional needs. It is recommended that they seek expert advice.
Subscription Plan
Our goal is to change your habits and empower you to better manage your diabetes risk in the years ahead.
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