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Track your metabolism and get nutrition advice for weight loss and healthy aging.

PhD. Gokcen Garipoglu

Professor for Dietetics and Nutrition.

I have started Avokadio combining my years of clinical and scientific experience of nutrition with technology to make wellness and nutrition more accessible and affordable for everyone. I believe getting insights from the body leads to healthy eating and optimizing health.

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Based on Science and Clinical Trials.

Avokadio’s breath analysis technology is scientifically validated based on our clinical trials. You can contact us for details.

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How Does It Work ?
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Breathe into the device

Simply breathe into our portable breath analyisis device for a few seconds.
  • Our nano-sensor technology device will measure ketones in your breath.
  • Ketone is an indicator of fat burning metabolism.
  • User friendly.

Breath Analysis

Your breath analysis data is analysed by our algorithm and you will know how your body is handling the food that you eat.
  • Your ketone value is converted to a score.
  • You will see an instant record of your fat burning metabolism.
  • Your data will be logged in automatically to track your improvement.
  • The higher the score, the higher the fat burn rate.

AI Based Advice

Get your meal plan advice based on data and your choices.
  • Get your meal plan based on your data.
  • Change or dislike/like the meals if you like or don’t.
  • Our AI algorithm will learn about your personal choices.
  • Your personal choices will be combined with breath biomarker analysis.
  • After a period our algorith will know more about you.

The more you use our device the better results you will get as our AI model will learn more about you, how you handle the food you eat, and what your body needs.


When will I see first results?
Our goal is to provide healthy eating habits along with weight loss. We believe in sustainable results. We recomend to have long lasting results.
Will I have a personal coach?
We will give you personal coach where you can have an e-mail per week.
Are your programs safe fo my health?
Avokadio is not a medical device and does not provide any traetment or diagnosing. If you have any metabolic health issues we stricly reccomend you to consult and expert.
Do I have to exercise?
You don't have to excercise to get results but we still recomend you to do so.
Will I have any restrictions?
Depending on your goals you might need to reduce some certaing macro nutrients such as carbs or protein.
Is it hard to stay fit?
If you develop healthy eating habits you can stay fit.

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Each metabolism is different so as the needs. Avokadio device knows more about your body based on breath biomarker analysis.

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